Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yes, this post does require a title in all caps with three exclamation points.

We met with Dixie's adoptive family on Thursday night and it went really well. The adoption fee for the Lab rescue is non-refundable, so just to be sure we left Dixie at their house for a sort of trial run until today. Well, I got the call back from Dixie's new family and they absolutely LOVE her and say that she is doing awesome. So now Dixie has a ten-year-old boy to love and protect, a seventeen-month-old yellow Lab to wrestle with, and a huge backyard to run around in. Plus, every Friday she gets to go to her family's cabin!

When I told Nic even he got a little teary-eyed. I honestly thought I would have a harder time saying goodbye to her, but I'm just so happy that it's hard to be sad. Yes, I cried a little, but for me, that's nothing. Yay for Dixie!

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