Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Dixie

No, we didn't get another dog--not really. Dixie is a foster dog who came to us from Blanding via Utah Lab Rescue. This is why I couldn't not help foster this dog:

Dixie a four-year-old purebred chocolate Lab and has pretty much been kept tied up outside her whole life. She was used for breeding and now the lady who owned her is in the hospital losing her battle with breast cancer. This lady's sister was going to turn Dixie over to Blanding animal control, where lack of funds makes it their policy that all unclaimed dogs are taken to the landfill and shot after three days.

We got Dixie on Saturday and she has definitely been starved for attention; it was a pretty rough first day. But the good news is that she is making HUGE progress and is already doing a million times better than when we got her. Moxie is determined to get her to play, relax, and be a normal dog.

Dixie will be with us until she can be placed with a new adoptive family. She's a lucky pup though--there have been a lot of people involved in getting her this far.


Connie and Jimbob said...

She's cute. I too was a puddle after Marley and me. Jimbob had to scrape me up off the floor to get me to the car. (He wasn't in that great of shape himself after the show). Do you ever read John Grogan's blog? I've watched it from time to time since I read the book 3 years ago. It's really great.

Senta said...

Hi Erin! I saw you commented on my Dad's blog, I love your blog! And your foster dog is soo cute, I have always wanted to do that...but one of our two dogs is a bit high maintenance because he was abused when he was a baby, so I don't know if he could handle it. But, I love you for doing it!

PS I see you are reading the Time Traveler's Wife, what do you think of it? That is seriously one of my all time favorites. I love that book!

Stefanie said...

What a house-full you guys have now! not to mention all the cars out back...