Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not his favorite day

Yesterday was not the most fun we've ever had when taking a day off of work. We left home at eleven and didn't get home from the hospital until after six. Now, Nic is minus his gallbladder and all hopped up on Percocet. Everything went really well. But did you know that when they take your gallbladder out, they deflate it and pull it out your belly button? Out of your belly button! The doctor had to make three other incisions to get all the scar tissue and junk off; apparently Mr. Nic's gallbladder was pretty messed up. I had so much fun that I went to bed at eight.

Today we've stayed home, which if you know Nic means that he is really not feeling well. Usually not even an act of God can keep him in the house all day. I've taken the opportunity to satisfy some nesting projects, but hopefully he'll be feeling up to doing something tomorrow.

In other news: Moxie and Sup had their annual exam this week. On a fat scale from 1 to 5, Sup is a 4.5. Apparently he's not just fluffy like I've been telling him. I feel his pain; it seems like every morning I wake up with a bigger belly. Nic on the other hand, has lost a lot of weight. Hopefully, we'll all start feeling better soon...

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Stefanie said...

Sad...but good that he'll start feeling better?