Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopping always makes me feel better

After having an organ removed on a Friday, Nic went back to work the next Monday. And to all those who have told me that I should have made him stay home, I say next time you try to reason with him. At least he didn't drive himself. I consider that a victory.

It's hard to say if he's been feeling better; he's still all tired and messed up from the abdomen cutting and drugs and trying to do too much. He planned to work this Saturday, but after working all day Friday and making some of his stitches bleed, he decided on his very own that it really would be best if he take it easy. He's still impossible to keep at the house though; so he got to tag along with me for the weekend and even got to go shopping at Baby Gap.

Oh, Baby Gap. That's a whole lot a darling in one place. I don't think it helped Nic feel much better, but I sure felt awesome about my purchases. We're buying baby clothes--for a baby.

We're now six months into this pregnancy thing and doing pretty well. Lately, we've just been in survival mode because of all Nic's stuff. I like to remind him how unfair it is that I'm pregnant and he is still feeling worse than me. Isn't it supposed to be my turn? We've both tried to keep up with everyone, but it's been sorry for all the short visits and the lack of returned phone calls. We're doing the best we can.

Baby Norah is doing great. She's just chillin out and kicking the hell out of my insides. Whenever she bothers me really badly, I poke and pat right back at her. That usually makes her stop for a while. I figure that two can play at this game.


Alissa Rae King said...

DELICIOUS! I love her kicky feet already!!! I can not WAIT to party with you in a few short weeks, and YES invade your bubble and feel that rowdy baby girl!

I hope Nic feels better soon (for YOUR sake :) and don't go into baby gap anymore unless you want to spend all your money! OR without me!

Julia M. said...

I totally enjoyed poking my baby back in utero. It made me laugh!

I'm glad Nic's getting better. Sounds like you've had a rough go of it! Hopefully everything gets back to normal soon.

And you look awesome. Pregnancy looks so good on you!

Stefanie said...

You look really cute!

Amanda said...

matt always gets mad at me when I poke back, but I agree with you - it's only fair, right? This baby girl apparently likes stretching her legs so I get freaky egg shaped lumps on my side and Matt squirms when he sees them.
Have fun shopping. I went to the Carters store near our house tonight and nearly fell over it was all so bright and cheery. There was nothing neutral on the girl side - all BRIGHT!! Good luck with the next few months. We have a few weeks and I'm so ready for them to be done.