Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So back in April...

Back in April, Piper and Ellie came to visit us. Oh, and Josh and Jess, too. See what I did there?

But how much are you dying from this picture of Norah and Ellie at the zoo? Because I'm dying over here. These cousins came to visit before they left us--THEY LEFT US--to go off and live in Greece. As if Virginia wasn't far enough away! 

Norah was in heaven with these girls--we all were. We went to the aquarium, the children's museum at the Gateway, they had a sleepover and went to the BYU lacrosse game, we got to celebrate my mom's birthday all together. Sigh. I still can't believe they left us! Sorry, Jess.

The great thing is it's September and Norah is still talking about Piper and Ellie. So it makes me feel a little better knowing that they'll hit it off just as quickly next time. As a special bonus, we'll get to take a trip to Greece sometime soonish. And each time I try to tell Nic that Norah IS NOT COMING, I think of these pictures and am nearly convinced that it would be worth the plane ride with a toddler.


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Jessica said...

Yes to all of this! Ellie was looking at her cousin photo book the other day and kept saying, "Norah is so funny!" while giggling like she was remembering a joke Norah told her. If you are worried about the plane part of Norah, she would totally be fine, she is a pro traveler (see previous post you wrote!) :) We cannot wait for you to come and visit with or without Norah, but it would be a bonus to have the Narwhal in town!