Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tiny humans

We're spoiled. We get to go to California at least twice a year, usually more. And hanging out with these little people just keeps getting better and better. Plus, Norah is turning into an amazing traveler. Last year, I felt like I would never be able to leave the house again without having her throw up on someone's carpet. Now, she is my favorite little travel buddy. She knows that ice cream is the best way to kill time before your flight at the airport.

She insists on doing an "airplane dance" after we land. 

And she is also learning the art of the selfie. Watch out, Facebook. 

We are also spoiled by the King family, who are the most amazing hosts and make us feel right at home. Alice even wrapped up her very own shopping cart so Norah could open it and play while her actual shopping-cart-birthday-present was being shipped to our house.

And these girls. These girls! They even turn waiting for a waffle sandwich into a photo op.

I know a lot of people go to California to go to Disneyland--we've done that too. But the main attraction for us is staying at Alissa's house in the forest.

We did venture out to the natural history museum in L.A., which is humongous! And awesome! Norah and Russell had so much fun. This next picture is so funny to me it hurts. Why is she posing like that? It looks like an weird 80s portrait to me--like there should be another image of just her head in the background.

Kind of like this:

Oh, and Russell is rad.

Here's my view of Norah in the forest. Uh! I could eat her up!

And this? This makes my heart so happy it might explode. LOOK AT THESE GIRLS! No, seriously. Look at these girls. Your life is now complete.

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Jessica said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE this pictures!!!!