Saturday, August 14, 2010

Norah's on a boat

Norah's going on seven weeks now so we figured it's high time she get out on the lake. Translation: We needed to test the boat motor and didn't have a babysitter.

I'm still super nervous when we take her very far from home. Nervous because I'm the mom and it still feels like any outing could end in a screaming, tear-filled disaster that makes me never want to go anywhere again. In reality she's always been amazing whenever we've taken her anywhere--I'm just a little high anxiety. I've never been responsible for an infant.

Turns out she LOVES the boat. She was completely helpless against the calming powers of its noisy, bumpy ride. Maybe she's used to it because of how many times we tried boat rides to shake her out of me those last few weeks of pregnancy.

And if you're ever out on Utah Lake there's a little spot at the southwest end where all the pelicans go to hide. Just make sure that your propeller is up if you go in for a closer look. We may have hit bottom the first time we tried to get there.

Pelicans could be my very favorite type of bird. I saw them for the first time as a little girl in San Francisco and my dad recited this:

"A pelican, a pelican. The only bird whose bill can hold more than its belly can."

The fact that I now say this every time we see or hear mention of a pelican makes Nic want to stick sharp objects in his ears. He refuses to say it; he says it's too long and lame. Which means that it makes it even more fun for me to sing the pelican ditty as much as possible. My point being that last night on the lake was Norah's first pelican encounter and you'd better believe that she's going to learn how to drive her dad nuts by singing about them. It's gonna be two against one.

Oh and this last picture is my new favorite. There is nothing in this world that is more incredible than your husband holding your child. Nothing.


firecracker said...

You look absolutely fabulous!! but you should help Nic shed the extra baby weight...

Julia M. said...

Oh the beauty of boating! And having a fun night as a family. It's amazing that life can be normal again, isn't it?

I remember having those same anxiety-filled moments. That's why I was never gone for more than 45-60 minutes at a time, so I could put my baby back to sleep in his environment.

You do so fabulously well with baby Norah. It was so fun to meet her yesterday. And see her smile. Holy cow. Amazing.

e.m. said...

oh tender. i can't believe how much she's changed already!

glad to see you two are still alive and kicking - having fun.