Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweet sixteen

The youngest of the Wilcoxes turned sixteen this weekend. How is that even possible? We're glad you had a fun day Lexi.

The best part for me? Not being pregnant. I swam and tubed and did it all in my own regular swimsuit (well, the larger-sized, more-coverage swimsuit I purchased in anticipation of lake days with a post-baby body). It seems like it's been an eternity since I felt this close to a normal person. Norah graciously slept the day away so I could have a little me time. She did, however, pay me back big time yesterday by being the grumpiest baby ever on her blessing day of all days. But getting a chance to play all day with the big people made the repercussions totally worth it.

Yes, I'm wearing a helmet. You would too if you knew how awesome it is to get whipped off the tube and slammed into the water without even feeling it in your head or ears.

Nic finally got to ride his new wakeboard. I, of course, forgot my camera though and didn't get any pictures.


Marydalene said...

I think it is awesome that you're smart and wear a helmet. I wish I would have when I wiped out while water skiing when I was 16. My ears have been ringing ever since.

Julia M. said...

I bet Lexi loved having all her awesome siblings with her to celebrate her birthday! You're such a good sister.

And being back into a normal swimsuit is the best thing ever. Sure, I want to have more kids, but NOT being pregnant is awesome, huh?

I want to see pictures of Norah's blessing!