Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm watching you, California

I don't know if it's the perpetual sunny weather, job opportunities, or a combination of the two, but California keeps snatching my friends and I don't appreciate it. It started with Chris about six months ago and now Alissa and her whole family have fallen victim to California's solicitations. So this weekend was my turn to check this place out.

Turns out, California is pretty awesome.

Alissa is just about ready to welcome baby Alice into the world. She pretty much has no choice but to be a surfer girl.

We're lucky all the laughing at The Improv didn't turn in to an early labor. Harland Williams was hysterical--but I can't repeat much of what he said.

Did I mention that it was 80 degrees?

Don't mind us. We're from out of town. In fact, Andrea and I both live in Eagle Mountain.

I knew that Chris probably wouldn't come back to Utah, but I still was holding out hope for Alissa--until this weekend. They have been Californiafied and I don't blame them, it's beautiful. So now I'll just have to look forward to many more weekend getaways and deal with the snow in between.

Thank you Alissa for a wonderful girls weekend and for letting me come again soon.


Amanda said...

And yet, so many of us from the left coast have opted for the colder and less hospitable Utah. Why would we do that?
and off topic, you look great!

Alissa Rae King said...

I am pretty sure you can't post ANYTHING he said.

I assume driving on your icy roads this winter will still feel safer than the Vons parking lot? I am just glad I could give you the perspective.

I miss you, but not as much as I did now that I know you didn't fall off the planet when I did. I know I can entice both of you back with the promise of junk in the form of wrecking yards and flee markets. You're an easy date :)

Stefanie said...

Gosh you look fabulous! Looks like you guys had fun.