Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rock of Love--Halloween edition

With being sick and going to California, I've neglected to share some Halloween pics. First, our office party. A few of us in Marketing Communications dressed as Rock of Love. Minus all the Botox and other "enhancements," I'd say we did pretty well. Can you spot the real Brett Michaels?

Moxie and Sup were also forced to celebrate. Their only disappointment was not being able to lick all the little kids who came to the door.

Moxie's costume lasted all night.

Sup's, however, did not.

Instead of getting another costume, I also made Nic dress up as Brett Michaels and we went as Rock of Love to a neighbor's Halloween party. I didn't get a picture of Nic until after a lot of wig swapping.


Julia M. said...

You should be a rock star. Seriously hot.

Alissa Rae King said...

HAHAHA! This is totally rad!! You look very Top Model in that picture BTW, you could consider a career change; you could do reality TV for people with ADD. Start with Rock of Love, but leave to take pictures for ANTM on your way to meet me for SYTYCD... not to mention the TLC documentary you could do over the Holidays...