Monday, November 3, 2008


Most people know that Nic and I met at a concert six years ago, but not everyone knows that it was a reunion concert of a couple local ska bands (I sometimes try to leave that part out). In fact, the very first thing Nic ever said to me was "So who are you here to see?" Hey, it apparently won me over.

Well, on Saturday those very same bands reunited again for the first time since we last saw them--so of course we had to go relive the night we met.

We had tons-o-fun and danced our little hearts out--the big difference being we got to go home together, had to sleep in until 11 a.m. because we were out so late, and Nic's back ached all day yesterday from dancing.

If this becomes a once-every-six-years event, I'm scared to see how lame we're going to feel next time when we're thirty-two.

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firecracker said...

I frickn LOVE Stretch!! I wish I'd known they were doin a show. I'm jealous!