Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Js

Josh and Jessica came to visit last weekend, which is always good times. They went to the BYU football game on Saturday, but the real fun started when I got back from California and we went to the Body Worlds exhibit, The Gateway, bowling, a movie, played cards, and ate sushi. I didn't have my camera but stole some of Jessica's pictures off of Facebook. It looks like they enjoyed some tasty frozen yogurt without me.

Here's Jessica and her little sister Caitlin, who is attending BYU.

Alexi doesn't look to thrilled about her choice of flavors.

Mom looks like she chose well.

I can't ever tell with Josh. He's so mysterious.

I couldn't bowl without first enjoying some Burgers Supreme. They forgot to give me napkins. The end.


Joshua said...

Erin, you are so sweet to put us on your blog! We were so excited, and loved it when you named Caitlin as Kelsey! I do that all the time and am glad I am not the only one.

Connie and Jimbob said...

Oh, man I am sad I missed the visit of Josh and Jessica!

Julia M. said...

I love Josh and Jessica! I'm sad I missed them, but it looks like you had a ball (as always). I hope I get to see you this weekend!

Erin said...

Thanks for pointing out my typo Josh. The sad thing is that I usually see Caitlin once a week and still call her Kelsey. Sorry Caitlin.